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About the Farm

Today's Nolleywood Farm is the product of the dreams and prayers of husband and wife team Phil and Jennifer McClellan.

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Our Story

Nolley Wood Farm consists of approximately 54 acres and the old Nolley homestead. This land was part of a 600-acre dairy long retired. The land actively farmed by the Nolley family for over 100 years laid dormant. The final wishes for putting the 600 acres into a Conservation Easement failed and the land was divided into lots and sold at auction. This was the beginning of Nolley Wood Farm.

Farming operations started on the 54 acres with a couple of Arabian horses and a few head of sheep. That was over 15 years ago. Farm acreage has increased by renting and teaming up with neighbors. We’ve added a 30’X70’ high tunnel for growing fresh vegetables.

Today the pastures are dotted with approximately 200 head of commercial and registered Katahdin Sheep and their guardian llamas, a dozen head of Charolais cattle, a dozen or so goats, a variety of laying hens, broilers, turkeys, and pigs. Throw into the mix a hound dog, and a few cats and you have Nolley Wood Farm.

Our Belief

Our animals are family. We love them. And we believe that if they are sick, they should be treated with the medicine required to make them well. We do not believe antibiotics or hormones should be added to animal feed for growth acceleration.

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Two Kings

Harry, the ram, is the Big Guy of Nolley's herd of sheep. He is pictured here with the farm's official "animal whisperer", Phil McClellan.

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Nolley Wood Farm

3702 Nolley Road

Riner, VA 24149

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